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This blog is intended to help families stay updated with what is happening in Primary! We have a couple of exciting programs to encourage the children to bring their scriptures to church every week, as well as memorize the monthly scriptures and the 13 Articles of Faith. We do our best to keep up with the children's short attention spans by shaking things up every few months.

We hope this blog can be a good resource for your family in keeping up with the comings and goings of our Primary and in helping to reinforce what the children are learning on Sundays.

This blog is a work in process, but check it out:
*Scripture of the Month Songs
*Articles of Faith Picture Memorization Aids
*Articles of Faith Hand Signs

Feel free to print off the memorization aids to help your children memorize at home

August 01, 2011

"I Love to see the Temple" in Spanish

The children will be learning "I Love to see the Temple" in Spanish for the Primary Sacrament Program that will be held October 23rd. Here is a video your family can watch/listen to during the week to help with the learning curve.

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